At Right Path we show you trade ideas we are looking at them.  You can see exactly what we are buying and selling in the global markets.  We have a unique way of trading & investing, these examples will give you insight into some of the ways we find an edge in the markets...

Please note: These trades are not suggestions, just past examples from our portfolios.


We entered this trade in Mid 2014.  Munich Re is a large re-insurance company located in Europe.  We identified this trade along with many others like it from Europe.  We identified it as a long term value situation.  Instead of purchasing the stock we bought a long term Call option on the stock.

Bought: MUV2 Call Dec2017 Expiry, 160 Strike.

Invested 440 Euros. 

(The lines on the chart show our potential payoff - part of our analysis- These images are from our trade diary!)


Due to the stock moving up, In April 2015:

Sold for 2800 Euros which was a 630% Profit.  

As we still like the trade as a long term investment, we re-invested 2000 Euros for another long term option expiring in Dec 2018.  This way we banked 800 Euros, essentially doubling our initial investment and staying on the trade to let our winner run. 

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In early 2014 we identified the USDRUB as a trade idea.  We have a unique way of trading currencies to protect ourselves. This currency pair was traded in conjunction with many other trades in one of our portfolios.

Bought: USDRUB Call Option Jan2015 Expiry, 37 Strike. 

Invested 570 AUD.


Due to a large move in the USDRUB - The RUB weakened significantly as the falling oil price and Ukraine events hurt Russia.  

Sold for 2750 AUD which is ~500% Profit.  

In hindsight we should've continued to hold the trade as we sold too early and the RUB continued to weaken.  Of course all of our trades don't work and we make mistakes like any investor - we are open and upfront about our winning and losing trades, it helps our members learn.

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