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Our unique online educational courses.  The Education Portal. Most investing education courses just teach a strategy or products.  That is only 1/8th of our education!  
We needed to learn many different skills and traits to become successful investors, we have distilled these learnings into 8 steps not taught anywhere else.

The 8 Steps To Investing Success' core aim is to provide content that is applicable in the real world of investing.  Learn what works. Learn more about the 8 steps below...

1. Finance 101

Get one's own cashflow sorted. Achieve one's goals much faster than you thought.  Learn the power of compounding and how to actually save your money for investing.  An often overlooked area of investing.

2. Psychology

Know yourself.  The biggest threat to your investing success is not the latest geo-political event, debt crisis or central bank policy - it's you and how you react to these events.  Become the best version of you.

3. Markets & Products

Be a master of the financial universe.  Understand how the economic world works.  Know your financial products, which ones work and which ones don't!  Take advantage of global trading opportunities. 

4. Market History

Be prepared for the future. Study the past. History doesn't repeat, but it can rhyme.  Our full video lessons on historical events going back to 1920's doesn't exist anywhere else.

5. Fundamentals & Technicals

Gain an edge in the markets.  Know what works when analysing countries, markets and individual companies.  Combine this with technical analysis to learn how to find global opportunities.  

6. Process & Strategy

Develop your own process to suit you.  Every successful investor has a process which suits them. Learn the principles upon which we built ours - so you can build one that suits you or follow ours if you choose.

7. Software

Create more free time.  Learn how to use software to your advantage to make investing as little work as possible.  Travel the world and take your investing business with you.

8. Continual Learning

Investing is the relentless pursuit of self-improvement.  Learn how to become the best version of yourself which directly leads to better investing results.

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