Founded in 2015 by a group of independent investors with one goal in mind - to become the world's best investing education company that walks the talk.

Right Path was born out of dissatisfaction when Jarrod found there was nowhere to get real, practical investing education delivered by people who were real investors themselves - and also had their interests aligned with their clients.

Right Path is a global community of traders & investors following their passion of continual learning, self-improvement and achieving financial independence.  Right Path shows it's own, real portfolios so it's members can learn in real time and follow along if they choose.

Right Path created the '8 steps to investing success', a practical educational course where one can learn what we believe is crucial and critical to achieving financial independence. 

We pride ourselves on being independent and giving real advice that we use ourselves.

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Real traders, walking the talk, passionate about teaching others the art of investing

Brad McFadden

Former proprietary trader, fund manager, and Chief Investment Officer at Right Path. 

Brad has a wealth of experience with 20+ years in the markets. For the past several years he has also been mentoring everyday people to invest their money into the global markets. 

When not watching the markets Brad spends his time at his farm with his family.

Jarrod Bailey

"Do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want for as long as I want"

Hearing that definition of ‘financial independence’ at 19, I knew that investing was something I desperately wanted to pursue. 

I have never liked to conform or be told what to do (my mum and wife will vouch for that!). So it was a natural fit that I wanted to invest for more freedom.

I got involved in the markets in 2000. I went head first into the school of hard knocks. Having some spectacular success quickly. Inevitably, life taught me some valuable lessons. I learnt from real world experience of what works and what doesn’t. 

As my investing success grew, I developed a desire to share my knowledge with people who shared a similar drive to me.

Many clients say that a key strength of mine is to explain complex topics in an easy to understand way. I am passionate about helping clients to better protect their money so they can then grow it with greater confidence.

As a dad to a young son, I often find myself studying the markets whilst unknowingly humming a Wiggles tune to myself!

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To be Australia's leading global investment community and education company that walks the talk.

At Right Path, we live and breathe these values – they are not just platitudes that we hang on the wall or 'corporate speak' to make us look good. They are a part of who we are, we were born from them, they are our DNA. We hire our team based on these values, and they illuminate the path for us as we work with each other, our partners and our communities.

1 - Always be honest and transparent

2-  Seek to amaze in everything we do

3 - Everything we do is World Class

4 - Have fun, bring your own style

5 - Bring our passion into our work

6 - We believe in the simple, not the complex

7 - Have a ‘get it done’ attitude

8 - Restlessly pursue self-development

9 - Have dreams and goals - and celebrate them

10 - Embrace uncertainty and be objective

Just as we have values that drive how we do business, we have investment values which drive our investing process. Our portfolios are built upon these principles.

1.  Risk Control First

2. Asymmetry 

3. Contrarian

4. Adverse to market timing

5. Seek Inefficiencies 

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